Programme Introduction

Electrical Engineering

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Technology (B.Sc. Tech.), Electrical Engineering

A person who has completed the degree of Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering is able to demonstrate the essentials of science and the fundamental laws in electrical engineering, follow the development in the field and apply the skills they have learnt in the working world. Students deepen their electrotechnology knowledge and skills in the intermediate specialisation studies and minor subject studies. Already in the course of the Bachelor’s studies, the student may have an opportunity to participate in research projects and thus obtain practical work experience and insights into scientific research.

Mechanical Engineering

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Technology (B.Sc. Tech.), Mechanical Engineering

In this Bachelor's program, students will acquire knowledge about engineering mathematics and physics together with skills and competences to carry out typical strength calculations in mechanical engineering. Students will learn the principles of engineering design, manufacturing technology and material selection. They will familiarise themselves with the principles of effective teamwork and project work in engineering and gain the skills to utilise modelling and simulation software for further studies.

Energy Technology

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Technology (B.Sc. Tech.), Energy Technology

In this BSc program a student develops knowledge, skill and competences on energy production, transmission, distribution and use. He familiarizes himself on a variety of plants and will learn to understand the principles of energy production. Studies are a combination of technology and natural sciences - mathematics, physics and chemistry. A student will learn basic methods of energy production, such as solar, wind, steam and nuclear power engineering, as well as their operation and security. He/She will learn to understand and manage variety of energy production technologies, and evaluate how energy affects the environment, the economy and the society.

Software and Systems Engineering

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Technology (B.Sc. Tech.), Software Engineering